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Wheel Centering Products

Wheel Centering Products for Hub Piloted Wheel

Stop wheel hop and vibrations on hub piloted wheels!

If you are experiencing wheel vibrations, wheel hop, brake pedal pulsations, erratic tire wear and excessive fuel consumption than your problem may be that the wheels aren't centered on the hub.  The Wheel Centering products can re-center your wheels, and eliminate these problems.

- Increase fuel mileage
- Increase tire life
- Decreases tire vibration
- Cuts re-balancing costs
- Reduces wheel off condition
- Reduces tire cupping

Perfect for semi Truck and Trailers, Emergency Vehicles, Commercial Buses, School Buses, Motor Coaches, Heavy & Medium Duty Trucks

If your hub piloted wheel is sitting on the hub stud off-center (as shown in the illustration to the left) you need these parts and tools to avoid wheel hop and excess tire wear, and to increase your fuel mileage.

The theory behind the hub pilot is it centers the wheel.  Unfortunately, gravity causes the weight of the wheel to rest only on the upper pilots creating a gap in the bottom pilots.  Even the smallest gap results in an egg-shaped motion upon rotation.  This uneven motion creates rolling resistance which causes tire vibration, increased fuel consumption and erratic tire wear.



Wheel Centering Tool Sets

   Simply Slide the 3 centering tapered tools over the wheel studs at the 12, 8, and 4 o'clock positions; mount wheel and add lugnuts; remove the tools and replace remaining lugnuts, torquing to manufacturer specifications.  The wheel is now completely centered.

Click for Installation Instructions


-Thread-less design
-Tapered Nose
-Single Set

-Saves Installation Time
-Eases Wheel Mounting
-For Steer, Drive & Trailer Axles




The 32115 is for Ford F450/F550 Super Duty. These tools slide directly over the wheel studs in the 12, 4, and 8 o'clock positions. The wheel is then installed over the tools, the stud nuts added to the exposed studs and tightened. The wheel is now centered precisely.

Wheel & Brake Drum Centering Sleeves

These sets center both steer axle HD wheels and brake drums to minimize wheel vibrations, brake pedal pulsation, and wheel hop.  For both Aluminum and Steel steer wheels and a variety of brake drum types.

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22mm Steer Wheel - Brake Drum Type Dimensions Aluminum Part No Steel Part No.

Webb: 61528B, 65548B  Arvin Meritor: 53-123448-002, 53-123567-002, 53-123568-002  Gunite 3573X, 3596X, 3597X, 3598X, 3687X, 3710X, 3721AX, 3726X, 3758X, 3774X, 3800X

1.25" hole/.5" depth 32120 32124

Gunite: 9000X, 9001X, 9035X  Motor Wheel Centrifuse: 89870BK, 90089BK, 90174BK Arvin Meritor: 53-123512-002, 53-123542-002

1.25" hole/.25" to .3125" depth 32121 32122

Conmet: 10009920

1.34" to 1.37" hole/.5" depth 32125 32126

Conmet: 107164, 107453, 107507, 107862,10001781, 10001783, 10005331, 10005332

1.28" hole/.5" depth 32127 32128

Gunite: 3596BX, 3753AX, 3754AX

1.00" hole/.5" depth 32123  
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