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Ford F450/F550 (2005 & Newer)


Base Unit (includes axle kit, sway bar, and shock absorbers) 8M000097





























•One piece frame mount and air spring bracket

•Uses existing frame holes

•Modular Height Control Mount

•LCR shims and lower control arm shims

•Crossmember for reduced frame stress

•Kneeling ability

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 Overview        Installation Instructions     Owner's Manual



• Ride Height (top of frame to axle center): 17.6”

• Air Spring Design Height: 8.0”

• Axle Travel: 3.10” Jounce (B/C), 3.71” Jounce (M/M),  3.10” Rebound (M/M)

• Style: Parallelogram

• Suspension Weight: 375 lbs.

• Suspension Capacity: 12,000 lbs., 13,600 lbs.

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