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8A000729 13,500 lb Link Steerable Lift Axle

Your Price: $4,950.00
Self-Steer 13.500 lb capacity w/hub & drums, air kit
Part Number: 8A000729
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Comes with hub pilot hubs and drums, standard air control kit and installation kit.

Features & Benefits
Patented interchangeable and adjustable frame brackets
One unit fits any standard truck chassis Four ride height kits available (8 -10.5 , 10 -12.5 , 12 -14.5 )
Trailer mounts available for 15-19.5 ride heights
Compact mounting envelope - 21.6
Optional integrated air system
Inventory and installer friendly Lightweight - 905 lbs. with standard wheel ends

Constructed of T1 steel The DuraLift II is a 13.5 K capacity liftable suspension constructed of high strength steel and cast aluminum components. It's one of the lightest, self-steering, liftable suspensions with standard wheel ends on the market today. The DuraLift II is over 10% lighter, utilizing strong lightweight components in non-critical load-bearing areas, including cast aluminum actuator components; a high-strength aluminum cross-member; and a tubular steel axle with cast steel ends. The DuraLift II provides the opportunity to increase payload, trip after trip. The new lift actuators utilize a more compact and lightweight rolling sleeve design in conjunction with zero wind-up bushings. These actuators operate in-line (parallel), increasing reliability and durability of the lift system, as well as providing increased driveline clearance. The DuraLift II has a patented feature not found on any other competitor's liftable suspension... interchangeable and adjustable frame brackets.

The DuraLift II also offers an optional factory installed integrated air system. This pre-plumbed unit significantly reduces installation time.