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32122 Wheel & Brake Drum Centering Sleeves - 1.25"/.25" to .3125" depth

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Wheel & Brake Drum Centering Sleeves - 1.25"/.25" to .3125" depth
Part Number: 32122

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For Steel Wheels The 32122 set (6) centers both Steer Axle HD wheels and brake drums to minimize wheel vibrations, brake pedal pulsations, and wheel hop. Simply slide the sleeves over the 22mm wheel studs and seat against the face of the hub at the 12, 4, and 8 o'clock positions. Reinstall the composite brake drum and mount the aluminum wheel over the studs and onto the protruding diameter of the sleeve. Install lugnuts and torque in the proper sequence using the recommended manufacturer's torque specifications. Includes 6 Sleeves. This threadless sleeve design allows the installer to quickly and easily center wheels and brake drums - time saver and affordable! Dimensions: 1.25" hole/.25" to .3125 depth 22mm Steer Wheel - Brake Drum Type Gunite: 9000X, 9001X, 9035X Motor Wheel Centrifuse: 89870BK, 90089BK, 90174BK Arvin Meritor: 53-123512-002, 53-123542-002 For Aluminum Wheels #32121